Spare Car Keys

spare car keysAt Emergency Locksmith Adelaide, apart from being the experts when it comes to solutions for lost keys, we also offer the most competitive prices for the supply of spare keys in Australia along with aftermarket and genuine options to cater to all vehicles and match all budgets. Our specialist team is adept at cutting and programming extra or spare microchip and transponder car keys to virtually every vehicle in Australia.

In practice, the spare keys we produce come with built-in remote central locking buttons, but we can also go a step further to supply you with keys that are fully waterproof with integrated transponders that are safe for swimming and at the beach without causing any damage to the microchip. We’ll cut and program spare transponder keys to most vehicles for a great deal. To get more information about the spare key solutions at Emergency Locksmith Adelaide, call us today! We would need the VIN, make, and model of your car to be able to give you information about availability and an accurate price quote, so ensure that you have those details handy.

24Hr Hotline: (08) 8312 2607

Having difficulties locating your VIN??

Your VIN is an alphanumeric code containing letters and numbers – of about 17 digits – located on your vehicle or on its paperwork. If you are having problems finding it, please check your Registration sticker, registration papers, Vehicle Log Books, or the back firewall of your engine bay where it is usually stamped.

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