Car key cutting service

car key cutting services in adelaideLocking yourself out of the car can be a silly mistake, but that’s not to say it’s uncommon. Everyday, a number of people deal with the hassle of lost keys or keys left inside the car. Needless to say, these situations cause us to waste a huge amount of time, especially when we dilly-dally on calling for a professional locksmith service that specialize in car key cutting for broken, faulty, lost, stolen, or damaged car keys.

We service many areas in Adelaide, and here’s what we can do:

  • Resolve car lockouts
  • Repair damaged door locks
  • Ignition key lockouts or key replacement
  • Fix damaged remote controls, keys, and/or hinges
  • Duplication of lost/stolen car keys so always have a spare

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Car lockouts

car key cutting expertsMany people have tried resolving car lockouts by attempting to use wires, which only results in costly car door repair. Prevent further automobile damage and relinquish this job to the pros instead. Call for a reliable and professional car locksmith service that can give you timely, effective, and non-destructive solutions to your problem. Spend your time on something else productive and leave the car to someone who does it best. Call us today and get the mobile locksmith service you need and deserve! Our equipment and expertise in  key cutting are top-notch, so you can definitely rest assured while you wait.

Damaged car door locks

When someone tries to bypass (albeit without success) your car’s security feature, it can result in a damaged lock, rendering your car key useless. This is a common feature of newer car models which helps incapacitate attempting intruders. When this happens to you anywhere in Adelaide, you can shrug off your worries as we don’t only do a great job at automotive key cutting , we are also impressively good at re-keying broken locks. Lucky you! We have the best key replacement services that will ensure you’re able to use your car again in no time.


Ignition switches sometimes only last for a short time. Sooner or later, they wear out, turning rigid and frozen, and when it comes to this point, you’re going to need to rekey or replace yours to be able to use it again. The thing is with regular locksmiths you need to have your car towed in order to have the ignition fixed, but with us, there is no need for towing! We’ll go to you so you won’t even have to budge. Just pick up the phone and fire away.

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172

Damaged remote controls/keys hinges

Do you need to have new car keys cut due to a damage on your transponder emergency car key cutting serviceskeys, remote or hinges? We’ll take care of it for you! So whether it was accidentally chipped or broken, or got stuck in your ignition, we’ll give you the best service and equipment to get your keys prepared. Leave it to us and trust you’ll be back on your wheels in an instant!

Duplication of lost/stolen car keys

Did your car keys suddenly go AWOL on you? You’re not alone. A lot of other car owners experience it too, and when it happens, it’s usually at a time least expected. You could be on your way to a long trip ahead, or to an important event. Who has the time to call for towing services in times like these? Well, we do have the time and the mobile locksmith service necessary to get that situation resolved for you, wherever you are in Adelaide! Just ring away and our 24 hour locksmith Adelaide team we’ll be there before you know it.

Our professional mobile locksmith services are widely available in different areas of Adelaide. We strive to give top-notch, quality work that is reasonably priced and this is why we’re #1! Whether you’re looking for lock repair services or installation service for advanced security systems, you can always rely on us!

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172