Car Locksmith Adelaide

Locked out of your car? Let Emergency Locksmith Adelaide help. Our expert auto locksmiths will get you back on the road fast anywhere you are in Adelaide. Professional locksmith assistance is just a phone call away whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our 24hr Adelaide Locksmith Services include:Auto Locksmith in Adelaide taking a Call

• Car Lockouts
Car Key Duplication or Replacement
• Broken Car Door Locks
• Ignition
• Chipped Keys/Fobs/Remotes
• And more

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172

Car Lockouts Adelaide

car lockout in adelaide - Auto Locksmith AdelaideWhen you get locked out of your car, it can really ruin your day. Who wants to wait for help? And that added expense of getting help is a bummer too. Don’t try to do it yourself…you could ruin your door lock if you approach it all wrong. Coat hangers, Slim Jims, and other do-it-yourself methods aren’t advised because you’ll wind up damaging the lock for good, an even greater expense. But if you call Emergency Locksmith, we give you fair and affordable prices, plus we come to you anywhere you are in Adelaide any time of day and get you rolling again.

Car Key Replacement and Duplication

You turn your car key and SNAP! You look all over your home and yard and can’t find those keys period. Whatever the situation, we can replace lost or damaged keys for just about any make and model vehicle on the road. Call us 24/7 and our expert mobile locksmith can cut a new key or change your locks right there for you.

And should someone have damaged your vehicle by breaking into it, don’t stress. We can come right away to help repair your ignition or lock. We’ll ensure we do the job right and keep you from feeling excessive stress by replacing your keys so whoever took them can’t get back in. All our auto locksmiths have all the tools they need to handle any job and will take care of everything fast.

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172

Door Lock Repair

car door lock repair in adelaideSometimes, you go to your car and find that it’s been tampered with. If someone tried to break into your car, the locks may no longer work even with a key. On newer vehicles, this is a common security feature and often your clue someone was trying to make off with it. Call us immediately and we can fix this problem before you have time to stress. Even late at night or early in the morning, we’ll be there in a flash.


Did you know that an ignition switch is really just another type of lock? It can wear out over time. If your car won’t start because of this or your key broke off inside of it, relax and give us a call. Emergency Locksmith Adelaide can fix it fast, right on the spot at any time of day, any day of the week. If someone stole your keys, we’ll rekey your ignition to be sure they can’t come back for your car. Now you’ll have full peace of mind no matter what!

Chipped Car Keys, Fobs and Remotes

car locksmith key repair in adelaideSo many people make the mistake of going over to the car dealership when they have chipped keys, fobs, and remotes. The problem with that is they keep you waiting and they charge a fortune to do it. Emergency Locksmith has saved many people in Adelaide from paying too much. We can replace any type of keys, even chipped ones. We can program new transponder keys or even reprogram your car’s chips if your key is lost or stolen. We can also make and program keyless entry fobs. No worries! Call us any time!

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172

Call us now and an expert locksmith will be on their way to you anywhere in Adelaide. We’ll save the day no matter what the problem is with your car and locks. Don’t get stuck waiting or paying too much. We’re here to help whenever you need us!

Don’t let a lockout ruin your day! Call us and see for yourself just how easy it is to fix!