Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors in AdelaideDoors are an integral part of buildings. They provide a means to access premises and offer both security and privacy. Some doors are specially designed to improve the appeal and add elegance to your establishment. Commercial doors are installed in structures such as warehouses, hotels, storefronts and other business establishments.

Commercial doors differ from residential ones. A good example is how the doors open. The doors in many residential houses are simple, and they open and close in a single direction. Many enterprises have doors that open in various directions depending on how the door is used. Many restaurants have the kitchen installed with double swing action door which allows waiters to walk through them quickly with minimal resistance. This allows for a steady pace in the work flow. Factory doors have a hard armouring on the lower half to prevent damage to the door when equipment moves in and out of the warehouse space.

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Choosing a Commercial Door

There are different kinds of commercial doors in Adelaide. They include sectional doors, rolling doors, loading dock, roll-up doors, scissor gates, fire rated doors, overhead doors, commercial entry doors and store front security, just to mention a few. You’ll need to choose one as your needs dictate. For example, if the establishment is a warehouse, you’ll need a heavy door while a store may require an entry that’s more decorative. Remember to factor in the maintenance the door will need in the future and the cost of the maintenance. Your budget will also influence the type of door and the door material.

  • Wood doors

Wooden Commercial Door in AdelaideYou’ll find that wood doors are cheaper than other material, but this does not mean they’re of low quality. Wood doors are usually made from sheets of veneer that wrap around a solid composite core. Solid wood doors are also available in the market, but they’re often expensive. These doors are ideal for indoors because the moisture and the elements of weather may spoil their appeal.

  • Fiberglass doors

If you’re concerned about the cost of maintenance, then you should go for fiberglass doors. The doors are more sturdy and durable than metal and wood doors. Fiberglass doors can stand so much abuse such that you’ll find them in many institutions such as schools. Children can be quite rough with doors.

  • Steel doors

Commercial Doors in AdelaideThese are the most popular of the commercial doors, especially in industrial setups. Steel doors are the best option for mechanical rooms or other spaces that require heavy duty application. The doors can withstand most weather conditions, and they’re an excellent choice for outdoor installation.

  • PVC doors

Go for the PVC doors if you want a door that people can easily see through before they can enter the room. PVC commercial doors are ideal for hospital operating rooms, cold rooms, restaurants and most shops and offices. The doors are also cost effective.

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Ease of Access is Paramount

Commercial doors should always allow easy access especially those entrances that serve the public. An automatic door with auto sensors is necessary for a front store, restaurant, bookshop, etc. The sensor detects an approaching customer and automatically opens the door for the client to enter freely. This way, your customers will always feel welcomed.

Revolving doors are also a good option as they allow customers to enter and leave simultaneously. Commercial doors should always allow easy entrance and egress for people with mobility challenge like the crippled or wheel chair bound. All door operating devices should have a shape that facilitates easy grasping with a single hand and minimum effort while operating the door. Such doors comply with the law and are a plus to your business.

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Commercial Door Services

Commercial Doors Services in AdelaideAny door that’s frequently used is prone to wear and tear. Your clients will feel frustrated when they can’t get in easily because your door isn’t working right. Imagine the level of frustration it would cause on those with mobility challenges. You don’t want to go this way. Prevention is better than diagnosis, and the best way for commercial doors is regular maintenance. Call Emergency Locksmith Adelaide, and we’ll be glad to offer support services to ensure that your door functions to its best.

Many things can happen to your door. Automatic doors may break down, jam up and even loose sensitivity with time. Don’t hesitate to reach us whenever you’re faced with any door issue. Emergency Locksmith Adelaide is a reputable company with experience and expertise to handle all types of door services including repairs.

And while you can depend on us for the repair of all types of commercial doors, we are also able to help you find and install the ideal product that matches your needs.