If you find yourself locked out of your home or your car, no matter what time it is, Emergency Locksmith Adelaide are here to help. Being locked out of your property or your car is an unpleasant experience.

Our 24 hour Locksmith services includes property and car lock-outs, re-keying of locks and fixing any locks. We offer fast response to emergency call outs for both commercial and residential customers, 24 hours, seven days per week in Adelaide and all of its surrounding suburbs.

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide Services Include:

  • Emergency lockout, opening homes or carsemergency locksmith van in adelaide
  • Unlocking Car, home, business
  • Make new master key
  • Re-Key any lock
  • Replace Door Hardware as needed
  • Remove and replace broken locks
  • Our Professional Locksmith mobile units service Adelaide and all suburbs of Adelaide

Frequently, an emergency arises out of a an innocent mistake. Your partner may have taken the only keys to the safe with him or her on vacation abroad. Or perhaps you inadvertently locked all of your keys in your car. One customer lost all of her house keys when her two year old tossed them from the moving car. Whatever the cause, the situation could become dire, and Emergency Locksmith Adelaide understands that lost, broken keys and broken locks happen.

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide will come to you.  We open any lock, fix any key, lock or lockout problem that you are facing.


emergency locksmith car key repair in adelaideSome of the most effective people in business are challenged when it comes to keeping track of their car keys. It seems the busier people are the tougher it is to know where your car keys are. It is suspected, if you are the parent of a toddler you are twice as likely to come up empty when looking for your car keys.

One of the most irritating places to find your keys is locked inside your car in the ignition. 24 hour Locksmith Adelaide has helped people retrieve keys from the seat, ignition or out of the trunk of the car.

It is NOT a good idea nowadays to fiddle with a coat hanger in your car door. Newer cars make it very difficult to go around the window and rubber weather stripping and the act will generally trigger an alarm.  Unfortunately, a coat hanger in the door for the purpose of tripping a lock mechanism could also damage electronics or wiring in the process. Don’t take those risks, don’t waste time, call:

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide – We’ll be there in Minutes

24Hr Hotline: (08) 6166 6172


emergency locksmith residential service in adelaideWhen the weather is very cold, hot or otherwise miserable is the most maddening time to realize you have locked yourself out of the house. Regardless of the type of lock mechanism or system you have, we can open your home. We will require I.D. or other verification that you have a right to enter the premises. Verification can be done a number of ways, so don’t fret if you also locked your I.D. in the house.  We can verify your right to enter, if your spouse, or boss can be reached by phone, or you are listed in a directory referencing the address in question, or if you have a piece of mail with your name and the address in question printed on the face. If you are a previous customer of ours, you are on file, and that is a method verification.

Do not do anything that may only result in additional damage, such as throwing a rock through a window, breaking in the  front door or ramming the garage door with your car. Unfortunately, Emergency Locksmith Adelaide has responded to frustrated homeowners that have done these things. If they had called us first, repair or replacement could have been performed on the spot at far less expense by professional lock smiths.

We can gain access to the premises  in an affordable manner compared to the cost of replacing door locks, broken doors, broken windows, or broken key pad entry systems. Call our 24-hour emergency locksmith services at (08) 6166 6172


emergency locksmith commercial service in adelaideUnique security issues are prevalent in business. Each business is different and has a variety of areas that gives some employees access to everything, some employees access to some areas and most employees access to very little.

Lock and key security issues for businesses range from keys broken off in locks, re-keying locks for lost keys, repair/replacement of worn locks, and changing locks to protect against disgruntled former employees.  Most all lock and key problems can be resolved on site with our fully equipped mobile locksmith units at Emergency Locksmith Adelaide. Call a professional locksmith no matter what type of security emergency you may have.

If concerns are centered around a break-in, our expert lock, safe and security consultants can help you assess the damage, and choose a proactive plan to prevent future break-ins.

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide has serviced Adelaide for over 25 years providing professional lock, key, safe sales, service and repair on all major brands of all types of locks, keys and safes.

All of our mobile locksmiths are certified, licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Every employee undergoes rigorous background, criminal and driving history investigation to assure security standards are maintained.