Car keys dropped on the road with a blurred vehicle in the background.

Lost Car Keys - Hyundai

The prevalence of Hyundai vehicles on our roads today shows that they are here to stay and for a long while because they keep getting better and more popular with each new model released.

If you happen to own a Hyundai i20, i30, ix35, i40, Getz, Elantra, Accent, iLoad, Sonata or any type of Hyundai and you have misplaced all its keys, we at Emergency Locksmith Adelaide can cut and program a key that works as good as the original for it.

Hyundai is very professional in terms of security and would never release the Security code attached to each vehicle key to anyone. But do not fret, we are good at what we do. What we need from you is your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and are sure to get a replacement or spare Hyundai key that works just fine.

Your VIN is the 20 digit alphanumeric characters written on a plate in your car’s engine bay, on your Registration Sticker/Papers, the passenger side door of your vehicle and in your Log Book.

For an on the spot quote, enter your details in the boxes provided below, and if you need a remote, be sure to fill in your VIN details and we will respond with the best price you can get. Or you could simply click on the contact page to locate us.

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