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Lost Car Keys - Toyota

Whether you’ve lost all the keys to your Toyota or you just need a Spare, we can make new keys for you. And it doesn’t really matter what type of Toyota you drive, whether a Hilux, Camry, Corolla, Yaris, Rav4, Land Cruiser, Hiace, Aurion or any other model of Toyota, we’re up to the task!

For some older Toyota models, before we can program a new key for you, we would have to remove the ECU or Immobiliser Unit on your car. This is a piece of work that a lot of locksmiths don’t want to take on, but the experience, knowledge, and equipment we have at Emergency Locksmith Adelaide put us in good stead to take on this work and get your Toyota moving again swiftly and easily.

The newer Toyota models now have an extra security feature. So if you have a Toyota key with a G stamped on it and it’s the only key you have, then it’s important that you act fast!!! If you have the misfortune of losing ALL the keys to a Toyota with the G-chip system, then getting new keys programmed can be both time consuming and expensive. On G-chip systems you can only program an extra key when an existing key is available. If you lose all your keys, the only option you’re left with is a replacement of the engine and Immobiliser ECU in the dash of your Toyota vehicle and this will cost you thousands of dollars at a local Toyota dealership.

To find out how we can help you save money on your spare or replacement set of Toyota keys, Call us now! And if you would like a Remote key for your Toyota, be sure to fill in the necessary details correctly to get an accurate Quote.

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