Spare Car Keys Honda

Spare Car Keys HondaDo you own a Honda Accord, Civic, Jazz, Integra, CRV, Odyssey or any other type of Honda, and do not have at least two keys for your vehicle? Now is the time to get a spare key for your vehicle as it will save you hundreds of dollars if done now. Do not wait until you misplace all keys to your vehicle. It would cost you more.

More so, some old model Honda vehicles may require having their Immobiliser Unit removed for programming  and most Locksmiths won’t think twice before turning down the job if this happens.

Mobile locksmith professionalsEmergency Locksmith Adelaide offers the service of making spare keys and also replacing lost keys for any Honda Model – some Honda models may even require a Remote Key for programming to be possible. We possess all the necessary equipment and experience in offering this service.

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide has the best quality and cheapest Honda Remote Keys you can possibly get in Australia!

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Having difficulties locating your VIN number??

Your VIN number is an alphanumeric code- containing letters and numbers – of about 20 digits located in many places on your vehicle or on its paper works. In case you find it hard to locate, check the back firewall of your engine bay or your vehicle’s log books, registration papers, and stickers.

If you have doubts about whether or not your vehicle has a Transponder Chip, do place a call through to us, with the necessary car details available. Our friendly team is always ready to help you out.