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A safe for your home is a great investment. If you have important documents that are difficult to replace like your passport or marriage certificate, or you have expensive jewellery or other valuables, it will give you plenty of peace of mind. Most safes are fireproof and in the event of a fire, you can breathe easy knowing that your vital documents will remain intact.

But that safe is no good to anyone if you can’t open it, or the lock breaks and you can’t seal it again. Depending on how old the safe is, the lock can rust or malfunction. Will you lose your valuables forever, trapped inside of that safe? Not if you call us!

Going on holiday to Europe tomorrow morning and you’ve completely forgotten the code to get your passports out? Call us right now and we’ll be there to get it open and ensure you have a lovely trip. With mobile vans ready to dispatch any time, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck! Our locksmith service are fast and reliable.

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If you are having a problem opening your home safe, you’ll need:
• The lock’s combination
• The key
• The safe manufacturer’s info and contact details
• The help of a home safe locksmith

How to Open Your Home Safe

how to open your safe in adelaide• Use the combination or key that came with your safe. Hopefully, you still have the instructions that came with it.
• Order a replacement key from the manufacturer. It will be on the instructions that came with your safe. Once all checks out, the manufacturer will send you a new key, usually at an additional fee.
• If you lost your combination, call the manufacturer. You’ll need to supply the serial number plus a few key details so they are sure you’re the owner of the safe. Then they can tell you your combination so you can open it.
• Try to figure out the combination if you have a combination lock. Keep turning the dials until you hear clicks. Hold the clamp up with one finger and turn the knob to the right until you hear a click. The place where it clicks is your first number. Then, turn the knob to the left until the same thing happens. This is your second number. Then, reverse and go back to the right, still holding up the clamp. When the clamp comes free you will have found the third and final number of your combination.

But all of these ways to open up your safe can be time-consuming. If you need that safe opened ASAP, then you’ve got to give us a call. Our licensed, insured, and professional locksmiths are ready to help you unlock this frustrating experience. Call us today and we’ll get you back in!

Emergency Locksmith is Adelaide’s top notch provider in the industry. We not only provide solutions to home safes but we also offer a wide range of services to address lockouts, lock repairs, lost or stolen keys and more.

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