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home safes repair service in adelaidePurchasing your very own home safe can shape up to a great investment. With it, you can store your most treasured valuables or important documents including IDs, birth certificates and tax papers in a place where they will always be protected. Most modern safes are now fireproof so in case of a fire, you can rest easy knowing that the contents of your safe will not be damaged in the slightest.

It goes without saying that if you choose to use a safe, you must first be able to open it. Sometimes, unforeseen issues arise with old or malfunctioning locks. There are ways around this that you can do yourself, but if you are unsuccessful, there is an easy solution to this problem. With just a phone call, Emergency Locksmith Adelaide will send one of our units immediately to open your home safe and advise you on how to avoid these situations ever again.

We are a leader in the locksmith service industry and as such, we cover Adelaide and all surrounding areas. We are open 24/7, so if you need your safe opened or your keys have come up lost, call us anytime. With mobile units standing by all over the city, an expert locksmith will be there soon.

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If you’re experiencing problems opening up your home safe, these will certainly help:

  • Combination to the lock
  • Main or spare key
  • Manufacturer of safe’s information and the contact details


  • Help from a professional safe locksmith

Tips and Tricks to Open Your Home Safe

  • how to open your safe in adelaideThe easiest way to regain access to your safe is by using the combination or the key that was included when it was purchased. An instruction booklet should have been packed along with the safe so you should be able to find the combination quite easily.
  • If you have lost your keys to the safe, you can order a replacement key with just one phone call. To accomplish this, you need to call the manufacturer. Their number should have been provided on the sheet of information included with the safe. After giving them details about the make and model, along with any other information they request, a key will be issued to you by mail. Be aware that this service may not be free. However, you will have a key in your hand with only a quick phone call and a little bit of patience.
  • If you have forgotten or misplaced your combination, it is imperative that you get this information as quickly as possible. The manufacturer can assist in this regard as well. After verifying your identity, many manufacturers can provide you with the combination over the phone based on the serial number of your personal home safe. Usually, the manufacturer’s phone number can be found in the booklet that was included with the purchase of the safe. One phone call may have your safe open so you can have access to your most valued possessions and important documents once again.

(While all of these methods should work, the second and third methods could take a while. If you need immediate access to your home safe, locating you key or combination is the only fast way, short of calling a home safe expert that is!)

  • A combination lock safe can be especially difficult to regain access by yourself. The process is quite simple but hard to pull off if you don’t have near perfect coordination or hearing. While holding the clamp firmly upright, spin the dial to the right and lean your ear close to it until you hear a soft click. This means that you have found the first part of the combination lock. Next, turn the dial to the left and wait until you hear the click again. Finally, turn it back to the right until you once again hear a click. If you held the clamp up while you do this, the clamp should come free and the safe should open.
  • If you need faster access, and none of those methods work, contact your local professional locksmith now. Locksmiths have been trained to get your safe open very quickly so you can get on with your day. If you need the contents of your safe back in your hands, a trained locksmith is the ideal solution.

Regaining access to your home safe when you have forgotten the combination or lost your keys doesn’t have to a grueling ordeal. You can avcall emergency locksmith adelaideoid all the hassle and call our emergency locksmiths to take control of the situation immediately. We offer both commercial & residential locksmith services with the best and competitive prices around in Adelaide today.

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