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Lost or Stolen Key Replacement Adelaide

Have you ever come home with arms full of groceries, stressed to the max because you’re tired and running late? When you reach for your keys though, they’re nowhere to be found. You pat yourself down, retrace your steps and dig through your bags to come up empty-handed.

That feeling of being lost for what to do is something that has happened to us all. You can either wait for your family to get home or let the ice cream melt. But when these types of things happen, it’s always when your spouse is traveling or there’s no one else around that can help.

But there IS someone that can help. Call our team of mobile locksmiths anytime for help and we’ll be there for any lockout emergency in no time. Whether you accidentally let the door lock behind you or your keys really are gone for good, you’ll have no worries when you call us. With a fleet of vans ready to come when you call, we’ll be there to sort it out. Prompt services await immediately following your call, so call us when something frustrating like this happens and you’ll be back to life as usual once again.

Take the stress out of lost keys by calling Emergency Locksmith Adelaide! We’ll be right there to help! Even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, we’re there. Our affordable prices and professional services will put you at ease, plus we’ll work tirelessly to help secure your car or home again.

With the rise of keys being stolen directly from properties with simple methods like fishing through letterboxes with long hooks, you should really think twice about what could happen when you can’t account for your keys!

What to do in the case of lost or stolen keys:

  • Park your car away from your home or workplace until the locks have been changed

  • Use a steering wheel lock or wheel clamp until your locks have been changed

  • Call the police straight away and make notes of as much detail possible, as this will be needed for any insurance claim

  • Do not leave your new keys lying around the house, especially not in the same place, as thieves often strike twice

However, when such situation arises, we’re there to replace your lost keys ensuring you’re inside, enjoying your routine life.

Avoid Having Your Keys Lost or Stolen

Prevent problems before they start with these handy tips that will reduce your risk!

• Don’t keep your house and car keys on the same key ring, as this makes your keys much more attractive to the thieves, and you will increase the risk of a home burglary. Don’t make a thief’s job easier by letting them kill two birds with one stone.

• Hide your spare keys in your home or at a trusted neighbour’s house. By leaving them beside your front door and within reach of your letterbox, you can make them easy to hook out. Never leave your keys under the doormat or a rock by the door as thieves will always check there first.

• Keep your purse or briefcase safe. Never leave your bag unattended, whether you are out, at work or at a party at someone’s house, you never really know who might be watching, or when or where a thief could strike.

If you’ve had your keys stolen or just lost them somewhere, call us immediately. We’re here 24/7 to restore safety and order to your life. Our mobile vans are ready to be dispatched to your location to help secure your property and let you sleep easy at night.

Emergency Locksmith Adelaide not only caters to lost or stolen keys, we also provide fast and reliable residential locksmith services which includes home safeslock repairs and replacements and more!

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